serka kum ocaklarıWe provide aggregate with a full line of graded stone in various sizes, as well as concrete and masonry sand, gravel and slag aggregates, for a broad range of construction applications including projects that require specialized performance characteristics.

Being one of the biggest suppliers delivering more than 5 million m3 of material annually in Southern Turkey and Iraq, We mine and extracts stone, sand and gravel.

Our Geologists direct mining to prime areas of natural deposit, which provide customers with the quality of stone required.

Stone is crushed to sizes desired by the market, washed and loaded for transportation. Specialty products, such as chemical and industrial stones are also produced and procured to the steel and lime industries and are subject to very precise physical and chemical requirements.

We offer a broad range of aggregate featuring tightly monitored specifications. Our quality professionals utilize lab facilities at each quarry where they provide technical support and consultancy services to customers.


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