Today, it’s common knowledge that extreme climate changes will be the biggest issue our universe will face in the future. Global warming will incrementally continue; due to extreme industrialization that continues to increase all over the world, natural energy sources continue to be consumed rapidly and unconsciously. Unfortunately, Turkey is appurtenant to have its highest share of these adverse circumstances.

Renewable Energy sources are utilized in effect so that the energy needs of the universe can be met without hindering the natural resources of the universe. Environmentally-friendly, safe, green, domestic energy sources are now vital as energy is essential for the continuity of life and sustainable development. Renewable energy sources are mainly Water, Wind and Geothermal sources.

Recently ADALI Holding has directed its investment to renewable energy sources. Our company is environment conscious, and aims to fulfill company obligations towards the environment to enable a better future for all. We have utilized all efforts to materialize Hydro-electric Plant (HEP), Wind Power Plant (WPP) and Geothermal Energy Plant (GEP) projects throughout the country with a capacity target of 300 MW, in order to respond to the marginal supply demands.

We have successfully adopted the following, core principles while preparing to generate electric power from Water, Wind and Geothermal resources:

- Generate power, in response to increasing demand

- Avoid waste products such as carbon dioxide and other chemical pollutants to achieve minimal impact on the environment

- Reduce the level of dependence on foreign sources in terms of energy

- Contribute to regional development, creating new jobs in the region where the plants are established

- Utilize resource use, that meets present demand, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their energy requirements



Projects under construction:

Out of those Wind Power Plant (WPP) Generation Facilities for which the company holds a Generation License together with its HEP Projects a total of 2 WPPs are under construction as specified below:

- YUMURTALIK WPP in Adana province, Yumurtalik district,
- KIYIKOY WPP in Tekirdag province, Saray district.